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Mohamed Al Marzooqi
Emirati Writer

I was surprised by the question of my Chinese friend when he asked me about my opinion on China’s development compared to its neighbor India. I told him that you have the right to be proud of your country’s accomplishments, because with all due respect to India and its progress in many fields, the balance tends to be strongly in your favor.

China is a huge country, close to India by many factors but surpasses it by far in many fields. The Chinese GDP is twice larger than that of India, and the extreme poverty widespread in India doesn’t exist here in China or at least the government managed to control and hide it. I didn’t notice any homeless people on the sidewalks, or any poor ones begging for money from cars stopping at the crossroads. I didn’t witness any situation of the huge chaos that characterizes the roads of India, even the suffocating traffic that Beijing goes throw from time to time is well justified in the presence of more than twenty million people in it.

Furthermore, what I have seen while visiting many Chinese cities allows me to compare them to the most modern western cities worldwide in terms of the attention given to the infrastructure, landscaping and maintaining proficiency in the construction and management of mega-cities. They even surpass these modern cities in terms of security and discipline.

The strong command in China, which was convinced that the traditional socialism cannot compete with capitalism, was able to change some old management concepts and devoted its efforts to develop all of the important facilities in the country and improve the quality of life for the Chinese people, while India sank in the swamp of distorted democracy which couldn’t even provide a decent living for many members of the Indian people.

The Communist Party in China was able to manage strongly all the aspects of the state and hence push everyone with all the available means into achieving the Chinese command’s goal in making China the number one economic power in the world; while India’s leaders were busy fighting each other and taking advantage of democracy and the multi-party system for their personal agenda.

While thousands of Chinese solemnly line up at the end of every day in the famous Tiananmen Square in central Beijing to say goodbye to their country’s flag, to a day full of accomplishments serving the very best interest of their country; Indians are busy the same day fighting each other to get a seat on a worn train taking them to their far away villages not caring for the future of India nor the huge problems they have been facing since decades which remain without any solution.

We are in need of a strong leadership in our developing Arab countries to make clear plans in order to fulfill the wishes of ordinary citizens and their most basic requirements. We do not need speeches about freedom from hypocritical politicians climbing over the nation’s shoulder for partisan and personal interests.
we are now in need for more of China and little of India.

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